Virtue Diagnostics and Revvity Ink Exclusive Global Distribution Agreement

On December 13, 2023, Suzhou Virtue Diagnostics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Virtue Diagnostics”) and Revvity,Inc (herenafter referred to as “Revvity”) signed a global exclusive distribution agreement for 3 Revvity product lines: Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) Immunoassay Platform, PCR Platform for infectious disease diagnosis (PreNat), and Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) Platform for cardiac and inflammatory markers (SuperFlex). In the future, both parties will jointly promote high-quality in vitro diagnostic products to benefit patients in China and other emerging market countries.

Starting from January 1, 2024, Revvity will exclusively supply Virtue Diagnostics with instruments, reagents and consumables for the TRF Immunoassay Platform, PCR Platform for infectious disease diagnosis (excluding blood bank operations), and POCT Platform for cardiac and inflammatory markers (SuperFlex) . Virtue Diagnostics has been granted rights to sell the licensed products worldwide, as well as after-sales services. Virtue Diagnostics intends to continue investing in R&D to expand related product lines. Production Localization and registration of licensed products in emerging markets will commence when considered suitable.

As an innovative in vitro diagnostic enterprise, Virtue Diagnostics in 2022 acquired Labtest, the leading Brazilian IVD company, and established production and operational bases in Indonesia. These strategic initiatives mark Virtue Diagnostics officially entering into overseas emerging markets, through deploying diagnostic platforms in biochemistry, chemiluminescence, and molecular technologies.

Mr. Johnson Zhang, Founder & Global CEO of Virtue Diagnostics, stated, “We are delighted to see Virtue Diagnostics and Revvity collaborating once again. This partnership is a significant milestone in aligning our product portfolios and market strategies. For Virtue Diagnostics, this means possessing a more comprehensive technical and product portfolio, which is beneficial for diversifying our product combinations in the domestic market, and facilitating Virtue Diagnostics to achieve global development goals. We look forward to close collaboration with Revvity in delivering cutting-edge products and services more to patients around the world.”

Ms. Nicky Xu, General Manager of Revvity’s Diagnostic BU in China, expressed, “We are pleased to once again join forces with Virtue Diagnostics after our collaboration on clinical mass spectrometry products. Revvity possesses world leading technical R&D capabilities, and Virtue Diagnostics has profound experience in localized operations and market development. This collaboration perfectly aligns our strengths in different areas. In the future, we anticipate further cooperation with Virtue Diagnostics, deepening collaboration and interactions in various fields to achieve seamless integration. This collaboration will not only propel the overall development of the Chinese IVD industry but also have a profound impact on the global diagnostic field. Let us join hands and create a better future together.”

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